Downtown Vancouver

Long for Home

Dog at Hair Salon, West Pender

Date: May 19, 2016

Location: West Pender, Downtown

Some dogs can’t hide their boredom (though some would argue that there is no dog who can effectively hide it, but I’m getting off track.) That’s what I saw when I was getting my hair done one afternoon in downtown Vancouver. I’ve been going to this salon for the last 5 years, but I don’t usually get the pleasure of seeing this particular dog, owned by someone who either owns or manages the salon… I don’t know. But when I do, I always try and get her attention, and she usually trots over, with her ears tucked back and her eyes shyly looking up at me. This time, she had apparently been there all day, and was waiting for her owner to finish up business. With a longing and bored expression on her face, she would wander back and forth the shop, weaving herself between stylist’s legs, and sticking her nose into the fingers and laps of unsuspecting patrons getting their hair washed. Almost every time, she would be met with a cooing of voices, and people stooped down to stroke her broad head. In the meantime, she would pass the minutes until it was time to go home — which was signaled with a loud resounded bark.